Joanna Lombard

Orbital Re-Enactments

Details from the future



A study of the randomness of life

Who's that girl?



Orbital Re-Enactments // Emotional mobilization // 13 min // 4 channel video installation // 2010/2011

The point of departure for Orbital Re-Enactments is memories, those of Joanna Lombard and of others, which are re-enacted in four scenes. The sequences of events originate in a time when many people entertained a strong belief in applying their own ideals. Lombard wishes to place these events, which are typical of their time, in a fluid, unspecified time. The stories concern the relationship between children and adults. The children are free individuals who have to make their own decisions; the adults transgress borders and act like children. The children are left to their own devices and live their own lives... An all-seeing camera with a 360- degree view hovers around the room, registering a course of events. The camera movement becomes an image of memory, a memory that regards itself, that tries to remember? The artwork also deals with issues such as the body and individuality; can the individual body be a collective body?  

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