2006 / 3-channel video installation.

I happened by chance to come into existence on an island outside of Spain. – The fruit of a temporary connection between a Swedish adventurer and a Frenchwoman without life plans. I came to be born in a suburb of Algiers, Sidi Moussa in 1972. My dad quite quickly fled back to Sweden and would not have anything to do with fatherhood. Through a series of more or less hilarious episodes I ended up in one of the largest communes of its time in Delsbo in the north of Sweden. This is the introduction to my life but also the introduction to my ideas about the project “A study about the randomness of life” In the video, I have played with the thought that I might have grown up in Algeria where I was born in 1972. The idea is to examine how my life could have happened if I had not ended up in Sweden. I have followed a woman in the town of Blida, Algeria and another woman in Marseille. I have not filmed them, but rather their surroundings and the environments they appear in. I interweave three human fates into a unified flow of life, so that the choices made by my proposed individuals and the interaction between time and space provide a framework.

Supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and its International Programme for Visual Artists IASPIS.