2015 / Installation with slides, posters and photographs.

Lombard presents a series of photographs, prints and slides reflecting on her experience after she had given birth to her first child. During this ordeal she suffered intense difficulties breast-feeding and for 3 months battled the shame of being unable to nourish her baby. She was prescribed penciline and morphine by the hospital; friends recommended herbal tea and beer to relax the body. Medical posters gathered from the primary school the artist works at show in anatomical precision the biology of her body’s transformation. Yet, how does one’s memory reconcile such phenomenal change? Slides of a garbage bag weighing the same weight as her child intersperse the narrative recording the ordeal. Other slides show a freezer box capable of holding a newborn. These daily appliances and familiar domestic objects become reference points for understanding the new constellation of relations at home. Rather than finding education within biological rationality, the experience finds poignant resonance with other abstract daily rituals, which inform the new path her life would be arranged by.

– Text by Jenny Richards and Jens Strandberg, Konsthall C